DSR Football Broker


DSR Football Broker is a Brazilian agency for representing and managing careers of professional soccer players, founded and led by agent Daniel Rodrigues.


The DSR Football Broker in a personal and close manner – without leaving the professionalism in the background – aims to represent and assist its clients in front of clubs, brands and the whole universe that involves football, on and off the field.


It is also one of the main concerns of the company, through scouting, the discovery and indication of new talents who have a promising potential in football. DSR Football Broker started in 2008 and currently has offices in Florianópolis and Porto Alegre (Brazil).



Daniel Rodrigues is the founder and leader of DSR Football Broker, who also has the planning director, Claudio Cini.



The DSR Football Broker does not have other partners, representatives or employees, the only official collaborators are in fact, Daniel Rodrigues and Claudio Cini.